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This is a selection of messages from drug dealers in London. They have adopted some classic marketing and communication techniques.

ambush marketing

Advertisers use this marketing strategy to associate with specific events and brands without paying sponsorship fees. This allows the business to capitalise on these events or leverage the brand equity of the other business, which has the potential effect of lowering the value of the original event.

Brand ambassador

The use of celebrities as representatives, for endorsements

or testimonials.

promotional Campaign

Promotional marketing is the use of any special offer intended to raise a customer's interest and influence a purchase, and to make a particular product or company stand out among its competitors.

Brand partnership

A joint venture is formed between two or more businesses to pool resources in an effort to promote and sell products and services. It’s also known as coalition programmes, can be super effective for retaining customers and growing the business.

Humanistic approach

Marketing approach that focuses on the lack or denial of something considered to be a basic necessity.

Political stance

Brands expressing a certain position
in a wider political context, aiming to attract potential new customers.

Seasonal marketing

Seasonal events offers are a great way to meet new consumers. Sometimes these events can be actual changes of weather or national holidays.

social responsibility

This approach is based on the idea that
market offerings must not be only profit-driven, but they must also reinforce social and ethical values for the benefit of citizens.

sports marketing

The use of sporting events, teams, and athletes to promote products and services.

Brand comparison

Comparison marketing is quite simply where you compare two or more items against one another to highlight the differences or similarities. Comparison marketing when done correctly can be a very powerful sales tool.

Cause Marketing

Finding a cause both your customers and your company care about can create magic for your business. This requires internal knowledge about what your organisation cherishes and who
they want to help in the world.

door-to-door marketing

Door-to-door (DTD) approach is when the marketer comes to your door (literally).

Event Marketing

Creating events is a great way to drive sales. Customers often need a reason to shop and events can often offer the perfect reason.

Reverse strategy

In reverse marketing, the idea is to get the customer to seek out the business rather than marketers seeking the customer.